Valve Repair

The irrigation main line may or may not have a gate valve (round handle) inside of a valve box within
a few feet radius of the water meter. Sometimes it will be overgrown by grass, ground cover, mulch or dirt. The gate valve is not recommended for a positive emergency isolation shut off valve (it is very cheap and used commonly by original contractors and developers to reduce costs).

With years of sitting, a gate valve will collect hard water deposits, leak around the bushing packing nut and or the handle will rust completely off. In addition when these gate valves are old, many people will turn them off in an emergency not knowing that when you open them back up, the valve stem breaks off leaving the gate inside the valve in the closed position thus not allowing any more water into the sprinkler main and resulting in a 100% non-operational sprinkler system and or home. A resilient seated ball valve in place of the gate valve will provide years of trouble free service and will turn off easily every time even after sitting for many years with no operation.

A sprinkler system isolation valve allows you to turn off the main line pressurizing the entire sprinkler system without turning off the water supply to the house. This can be very important in an emergency situation. The isolation valve allows the sprinkler system to be shut off and diagnosed independently from the household water supply, saving water, the inconvenience of shutting off the water to the house, and eliminating the need for a costly emergency service call. Makes diagnosis of leaks in irrigation and home easy to determine as the independent systems can be isolated from each other before leak detection is done, saving on costly diagnosis time and wasted water. When replacing an old gate valve or installing an isolation valve we use a resilient seated plastic ball valve which gives years of maintenance free service and the security of knowing you’ll be able to turn the water off easily with a simple ¼ turn of the valve. This allows for a very simple way to turn off the system as turning off the clock will not shut off an automatic valve or main line problem.

Installing an isolation valve will also give your family and/or neighbors an easy way to locate and turn off the water in case of an emergency while you are not at home, i.e. work, vacation. Your irrigation isolation/shut off ball valve will pay for itself the first time an automatic control valve sticks on, the main line breaks, or you want to diagnose whether you have a leak in your home or sprinkler system as it will quickly isolate the problem.

We recommend that in conjunction with installing a sprinkler isolation valve, our customers in high pressure areas also install a pressure regulator. We have seen the benefits of replacing gate valves and/or installing new isolation valves and pressure regulators. In our 25 years of experience installing thousands of isolation valves and pressure regulators, West End Services/ASDR has seen first hand the benefits of installing these devices, from cost savings to protecting your system.

Our unmatched installation experience creates a unique understanding of isolation valves and pressure regulators and the benefits for our customers on their homes and sprinkler systems. Isolation valves and pressure regulators are very in-expensive devices, which can provide years of protection for your home and landscape investment.