Landscape Drain Cleaning

Check out this short video where Mike demonstrates using a jetter to clear obstructions via a curb drain outlet:                                                                                                             So what exactly is a Jetter?  A jetter is a high-powered, gasoline engine driven water pump that discharges water with tremendous force through a precision machined nozzle. This water breaks through dirt and sediment that has collected over time in your landscape drain lines and reduced their ability to do what they were designed to do…drain excess water away from your foundation and property. Cleaning your landscape drains with a jetter is also environmentally friendly. Since all of the work is being done with a high-pressure, low volume (4 gallons/minute) stream of water, there are no chemicals used to assist in the cleaning. This, of course, means that no chemicals are being discharged into our waterways. We also set up barricades that trap the larger material(rocks, pebbles, silt, plant material) that are removed from your drain lines to prevent them from getting into the waterways as well.

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